You showed up here for a reason

As a 50+ woman you’re at an exciting point in your life. You’re ready to shake things up bit and realign who you are and what’s important to you with what you DO.

You KNOW you have a light to shine, a contribution to make and a purpose to share with the world and you want to put ALL this at the heart of the next phase of your life, by doing work you’re passionate about.

Meaningful work. Important work. Purposeful work.

And you mean business!

You want to create something personally AND professionally fulfilling and the idea of building a business of your own has anchored itself firmly in your mind, heart and dreams.

And now you’re looking at making the dream a reality.

You’re ready to create new opportunities for ‘what’s next’

You’re aware that there’s something of a quiet revolution going on right now with women, much like you, hitting their middle years and deciding that the personal growth, satisfaction and fulfilment they crave dovetails perfectly with self-employment….. and you want to join the revolution!

You want to grasp this opportunity to transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable, purposeful and new and if that means kick-starting a transformation in your own life, well, you’re ready for that too!

And THAT is exactly what a ‘prime time’ business is all about

No matter where you are right now – whether you’re at the SEED, ROOTS or FLOURISH stage – you’ll find community, programmes, information and inspiration on offer here, to help give you the confidence and clarity you need to move things forward.